Saturday, February 28, 2015

Technology Specific Guide for QTP

We have received a lot of queries regarding the book, the book has been off the shelves and out of stock on flipkart and other websites. The best way to get the book Technology Specific Guide for QTP – QTP for Web Testing -  now is directly through us:

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Have you ever wondered?

How do I evaluate my skill-set in automation?
What do I do to become an expert in a test automation tool like QTP?
What do I do every time I hit a roadblock while automating a new solution?
What are the latest out of the box features HP has to offer?

Then grab a copy of “Technology Specific Guide for QTP – QTP for Web Testing” today.!

What’s In It for You?
Everyone from a novice user to an automation expert will have something they would have never heard of or used. Our motivation for writing the book was noticing that a lot of people have found themselves in an automation architect role with little or no technology background at all. We come from either QTP/Selenium/Other tools working on different technologies or fresh out of college and are expected to be full-fledged automation experts, expected to be able to generate impressive results by managers who don’t fully understand automation and technology challenges themselves. Therefore we were adamant that we didn’t want to write just another book on the basics of QTP. The result? TSG-QTP (Technology Specific Guide for QTP) - in plain English - the experiences we encounter in our day to day automation core activities.

This book gets you started on the path of automation, introducing solutions, roadblocks, patches and ideas that will give you a solid foundation in the field of automation.

Each problem has a series of solutions available that will let you test your knowledge and apply it to the business situations you’re facing at your company.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The book is now available on Flipkart and has received tremendous positive feedback :

Can I buy this TSG-QTP(Technology Specific Guide for QTP) in India?
Yes. The book is available only in India, we are working at options for other countries. Please order the books online by clicking here

Where can i Buy this book(TSG-QTP)?
There are different buying options for this book. Click here to see possible buying options

Is the book available in any book store?
No, Currently the book is only available online

I am ordering book in bulk quantity, can i get discount on the same?
If you are ordering more than 5 copies, you can contact us for discounts.

How can i provide feedback for this book?
You can always provide your feedback by contacting us